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i am very uncomfortable

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You can’t count on me, cause stuff happens you know?

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Blue Eye Appreciation


Behind the scenes of Hannah recording for ‘The Most Popular Girls in school’ (x)

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Let’s take a moment and appreciate those writers in Once Upon A Time writers room for fullfilling their promises. They are giving us so much Belle not just a regular Belle but a bad-ass librarian who literally gets shit done. 


rumbelle being 1000% done with the haters (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

"Maybe I’ll just write some porn." — Ancient Rumbelle proverb (via standbyyourmantis)

well zelena you’re a frog so…your opinion doesn’t count.




Failures at being parents.

At least Malcolm had a place for RUmpel to go where he’d be safe…

Yeah, and then centuries later locked his son in a box and tricked his great-grandson into giving him his heart so he could live while the boy would die. Then, later goes mentally, emotionally, and physically abuses his son followed by an effort to kill his grandson and his son’s true love purely because it would be emotionally devastating to his son.

well..nobody is perfect.





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